Macintosh Tips and Techniques

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General Macintosh Emulator Related

Macintosh Related

   Capturing A Mac ROM Image File

   Using Disk images

   ROM Image Checksums List

   FreePPP Setup Guide

   Creating a Boot Floppy Disk

   Using the Network Software Selector

   Copying Files from Windows to a HDF

   Blessing the System Folder

   HFVExplorer Online Help

   Rebuilding the Desktop

   Using Gemulator Explorer

   Clean System Install

   Accessing HFS Disk images on a Real Mac

   Installing-Removing Fonts
   Printing from an Emulator Alternative    Setting up File Sharing
   Creating A Mac CDR Using A HDF    Ejecting a Ghost Floppy
   Giving Mac Folders and Files Custom Icons

Basilisk II

   Installing Mac OS 7.5.3 on Basilisk II

   Basilisk II for Linux - Getting it Going From Start to Finish

   Getting on the Internet With Basilisk II (Dialup)

   Getting on the Internet With Basilisk II (Cable)

   BasiliskII Technical Manual
   Compiling the Linux Source Code for BasiliskII


   Executor Documentation

Fusion PC

   Enabling an IDE CD-ROM in Fusion V2.x


   Step-by-Step Guide for SoftMac
   The SCSI HDF Difference