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Updated May 3rdth 2007


This page was created to help you quickly download the essential files and utilities available for Macintosh emulation. Other pages on this website cover information about each emulator.

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Macintosh Emulators



Basilisk I Platform Size
   Basilisk I V0.7 BeOS/x86   211 K
   Basilisk I V0.7 BeOS/PPC   187 K
Christian Bauer is the creator of Basilisk I.
Basilisk II Platform


   Basilisk II V0.8 Build 143 (Also get Build 142!) (a.) Windows    363 K
   Basilisk II V0.8 Build 142 Installer (b.) Windows    1.6 M
   Basilisk II V0.8 Build 142 Windows  1.08 M
   Basilisk II V0.8 Build 142 (source code) Windows  1.30 M
   Basilisk II V0.8 Build 94 (c.) Windows  609 K
   Basilisk II V1.0 (source code) Any    1.6 M
   Basilisk II R0.9-1 (source code) Any   456 K
   Basilisk II R0.9-1 BeOS/PPC   300 K
   Basilisk II R0.9-1 BeOS/x86   392 K
   Basilisk II R0.9-1 Amiga   128 K
   Basilisk II R16 Mac OS X 413 K
   Basilisk II R16 - Classic (d.) Mac OS X 393 K
  1. Only use Build 143 "EVN Patch" for playing Ambrosia's Escape Velocity Nova
  2. Installer courtesy of Hendy
  3. Build 94 was the last Windows port that could run older "Classic" Mac OSes below System 7.0.
  4. Nigel's Classic version for Mac OS X can run very old Mac OSes (earlier then System 7.0). Use the non-Classic build for Macintosh System 7.x to OS 8.1.

Basilisk II's main developers are Lauri Pesonen, Christian Bauer, Gwenol� Beauchesne and Nigel Pearson.

Basilisk II JIT Platform


   Basilisk II JIT R0.9 JIT-3 Installer (a.) Windows    1.6 M
   Basilisk II R0.9 JIT-3 Windows   825 K
   BasiliskIIGUI for Basilisk II R0.9 JIT-3 (b.) Windows 156 K
   Basilisk II R1.0 JIT-3 (c.) Windows 813 K
   Basilisk II R1.0 JIT-3 i586 (rpm) Linux 723 K
   Basilisk II R1.0 JIT-3 x86_64 (rpm) Linux 827 K
   Basilisk II R1.0 JIT-3 (source) Linux 893 K
   Basilisk II R0.9 JIT-4 (rpm) Linux   636 K
   Basilisk II R0.9 JIT-4 (source code, rpm) Linux   824 K
  1. Installer courtesy of Hendy
  2. Use this BasiliskIIGUI.exe instead of the BasiliskIIGUI.exe that comes in Basilisk II R0.9 JIT-3
  3. Requires SDL.dll. Rather slow interface. Experimental, so download the R0.9 JIT-3 Installer or R0.9 JIT-3 and BasiliskIIGUI for speed instead.

Basilisk II JIT's main developer is Gwenol� Beauchesne. Basilisk II JIT is many times faster then Basilisk II (non-JIT) on a fast PC.

Executor Platform


   Executor V2.1 for Fedora Core 4 Linux (i386 only) Demo Linux  1.97 M
   Executor V2.1 Win32 Demo Windows  2.54 M
Links are BitTorrets.

"You may use the serial number "99991004" and the authentication key "32s7pyf6xd8nx". The key expires at the end of June, 2007."

Clifford Matthews maintains Executor.

Fusion PC Platform


   Fusion PC Full Version V3.0 DOS    759 K
Fusion PC is the creation of Microcode Solutions. It was sold to Emulators, Inc. in 2000 who later made V3.0 available for free.
Mac-On-Linux Platform Size
   Mac-On-Linux 0.9.70-3 Linux/PPC 1.29 M
   Mac-On-Mac V0.2 Mac OS X 1.53 M
Mini-vMac Platform


   Mini-vMac Many  
   Mini-vMac PocketPC  
Mini-vMac was created and is being actively maintained by Paul C. Pratt. The Pocket PC 2003 port was created by Fabio Concas. Download links go to their websites.
PearPC Platform


   PearPC 0.3.1-JITC Windows 320 K
   PearPC 0.3.1-SDL-JITC Windows 406 K
   PearPC 0.3.1 (source) Many 626 K
SheepShaver Platform


   SheepShaver 2.2 (source) Many 705 K
   SheepShaver 2.2-18 (i586) Linux 516 K
   SheepShaver 2.2-18 (x86_64) Linux 406 K
   SheepShaver 2.2 Mac OS X 315 K
   SheepShaver 2.2 Windows 363 K
SoftMac Platform


   SoftMac XP Windows   1.26 M
vMac Platform


   vMac V0.1.9.6 Windows    406 K
   vMac V0.1.9.5 DOS    920 K
   vMac V0.1.9.1 (with GUI) Linux    482 K
   vMac V0.1.9.1 (without GUI) Linux      77 K
   vMac V0.1.9b Macintosh    546 K
Worm Platform


   Worm V0.9.1 Win32        78 K
 Essential Mac Utilities    
   CopyROM (ROM Extractor)           8 K
   Stuffit Expander 5.5     1081 K
   Aladdin DropStuff 5.5     1919 K
   Apple DiskCopy 6.3.3       754 K
   Now Utilities 6.7

Note: Now Utilities is not essential for using a Mac or Mac emulator, but is my #1 recommended 68K shareware download. However, it will not run correctly on OS 8.x.

    2.70 M

Essential Windows Utilities

   CDenable.exe  (For Access to HFS CD-ROMs in Fusion)      653 K
   Gemulator Explorer        30 K
   HFVExplorer Installer     1.05 M
   HFVExplorer V1.3.1 Win32      405 K

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   Basilisk II Help File (HTML Help format)      2.02 M
   Basilisk II Manual Download (PDF in zip format)* (Great reference!)      10.8 M
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* Created by Marc Hoffman. Webmaster of The OS Emulation HomePage: http://www.kearney.net/~mhoffman