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Basilisk II

Christian Bauer - Creator Of Basilisk II (Germany)

Basilisk For Windows NT and 2000 (9x and Me)

Lauri Personen - Windows Porter (Finland)


Cliff Mathews - Chief Technical Officer

ARDI - Abacus Research & Development Inc
Suite 4-101
1650 University Blvd., NE
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Fusion* and iFUSION (The PPC Emulator)

Jim Drew - CEO

Microcode Solutions
1799 Kiowa Blvd. #107-670
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

SoftMac 2000

Darek Mihocka - CEO

Emulators Inc.,
14150 NE 20th Street,
Suite 302, Bellevue, WA 98007, U.S.A.
Telephone: 206-236-0540, Fax: 206-236-0257


Philip Cummins - Developer


* On May 23, 2000, the full ownership and distribution rights to Fusion 68k were sold to Emulators, Inc.  Microcode still supports previous builds of Fusion 68k however.


The Mac Emulation Mailing Lists *

Topic Address Owner
Basilisk II (Subscribe) The Webmaster
Macintosh Emulation List (Subscribe) Al Hartman
Macintosh Emulation News Subscribe Jim Watters
Official Fusion-PC Tech Support (Subscribe) Jim Drew
Unofficial Fusion-Amiga Tech Support (Subscribe) Vince LaMonica
Unofficial Fusion- PC Tech Support (Subscribe) Vince LaMonica
vMac Users Support (Subscribe) The vMac Team

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The Mac Emulation Delphi Forums

Cross Platform Forum (MacWinDOS) Bill Condie
Macintosh Emulation Forum Jim Watters
Unofficial Basilisk II Forum Jim Watters
Unofficial Executor Forum Al Hartman
Unofficial SoftMac Forum Rob Snyder
vMac Forum


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Helpful Macintosh Emulator Sites

Site WebMaster
BasiliskII Install Howto (Japanese) Mitunori Tategami
Basilisk II Setup App Site Hendy
CharredPC's Emulation Oddities CharredPC
CPThao's Domain Powerman
Emaculation MeanE & Clockwise 
EmuMac eFFectS
Mac Dimension Gonzalo Robaina
Mac EMU List Website Al Hartman Peter
Mac EMU Zone Rob Snyder
Macintosh Emulation Station Mac EMU (Jim Watters)
Macintosh Emulation World David Pack
Mac OS EMU FusionFan (Tony)
MacWinDOS Website Bill Condie
OS Emulation Homepage Marc Hoffman
The Basilisk II Support Site Digital2K (Sam Gilbert)
The Moose News Lori Houghton Wright
Unofficial Basilisk II site Simon Biber
Wintel Macintosh Emulators Simon Biber


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