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Welcome to my Macintosh emulation site. 

After using a Mac for over 12 years, I've run across a lot of good Macintosh software. Only the best Mac software is on this site - it isn't pretty, but it has quantity and will be growing. All the software has been tested by me using the Mac emulators Fusion PC V2.0 and Basilisk II (which emulate the Mac OS on PC computers). 

Everything on my site is either shareware, freeware, or demos and all are completely legal.  Almost all the software is fully functional and as with all software of this kind, you must pay the shareware fee to the author if you decide to keep it after the trial period has expired. Please consult the "read me" files for details. 8^)

The description of most of the software is from the website of the company that develops the software.  On the left-hand side of each table is a link to directly download the software. To the right is a description of the software and usually a link to the company who sells the software. Most of the software installers include details of how to register the product as well.

Also on this site is the latest Mac emulation news, and tips on how to get up and started using the Macintosh emulators. If you need additional help getting started please visit my Operating System Emulation Delphi forum where many people can assist you with any questions you have. 

If any of the links don't work, please e-mail me and I will send you a correct link. If you're having problems downloading a file, I can e-mail it to you within 24 hours.  Also, if you know of any useful Macintosh software that runs under these two emulators please e-mail me a link and a brief description. I hope you will find some totally killer software here. 8^)  Enjoy!!!  Jim Watters

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PPC Emulation Status: SheepShaver and PearPC PPC Emulators for x86 released!

Revised: March 01, 2007


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